How To Win Money At Fish Tables — Fish Game Strategy

7 min readOct 29, 2019
Tips to win the fish shooting game online for real money.

Have you played fish shooting gambling online game many times but never been a winner? Or does your play only bring to you tiny points while you want bigger rewards but you don’t know how?

So do you want to change your destiny in your next fish shooting game? If your answer is yes, let’s follow the extremely interesting fish shooting tips below!

There are many players looking for how to cheat on the fish table to make winning easier. However, this is a behavior that breaks the balance of the game and it is completely prohibited from the provider. Currently, the website that offers fish table game online real money has very tight and secure software. These cheat and hack tricks are considered useless with this game. Therefore, instead of finding a way to “cheat” in vain, spend that time to learn the game and practice the ability to aim accurately. The interesting tips will be revealed by us below, will help you win easier.

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Tips 1: Choose the right game

Do you agree that among the hundreds of shooting games in the market choosing a game to play a lot of difficulties? Every game is touted with beautiful words, but when you’re playing, you’re bored. The reason may be simply that the game reward given is not attractive enough for you and you are not patient enough to try all the games.

You should choose the games with beautiful interface, lively sound and extremely attractive reward mechanism and they belong to the famous provider such as: ocean king 2 , ocean king , king of treasures , phoenix realm , monster revenge , tiger phoenix, etc. Ensure that the professionalism of the game provider will help you get a good, smooth, no-hassle fish shooting online games.

Tips 2: Pay attention to the points of each type of fish

Each fish shooting game has its own method of calculating points, but overall there are still 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100. Remember that do not take the fish with more points, the less points fish have, the easy coins you earn.

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Tips 3: Observe the speed of the fish

Many people usually ignore this feature when playing shooting fish. After logging into the game, you will load bullets, choose the bet level and then press successively to shoot the gun to the screen to catch the fish you want. But you do not notice that: although the fish appear on the screen at the same time, not all fish speed is the same.

The small fish usually move slower than the average fish. Slow moving fish will make it easier for you to shoot, fast moving fish or missed targets that make you shoot over and over again very time consuming.

However, this rule does not apply to huge bonuses such as sharks or arowanas, because such bosses you will need to take a lot of bullets for once to defeat it. This situation occurs often during the game, not at any time during the fish season or the big fish party.

Tips 4: How to shoot at the head of fish

You only need to use big bullets 4 and 5, use this segment to target the fish with more coins than 5, however, these fish are very strong, so wait for them to gather in a swarm to shoot effectively. So there is no fault. However, these fish are usually very strong, you should wait for the fish to swim in a swarm of piles, then shoot them. Many a little makes a mickle!

Tips 5: Aim at bonus targets

Although the additional bonus targets such as dice balloons, iridescent fish, pearls … do not appear frequently but easy to shoot down every time. You only need to see it move slowly, smoothly moving toward the middle of the screen (moving across the screen) so you can focus on shooting it. The chance of dying is usually 90%.

Because the path is long, the movement speed is slow, the possibility of high death will help you disassemble them easily. In addition, the rewards that they give you not only the normal number of points you receive but are also 2–6 times higher. In some game also allows you to level up immediately if you shoot down 5 consecutive pearls. So you should not only pay attention to the fish but also need to pay attention to the additional bonus targets when playing shooting fish.

Tips 7: Do not try to shoot hidden fish

In fish shooting online games you will see fish hiding under moss or rocks. According to the rules of the game, when you defeat a fish, the amount of rewards you receive will increase from 20% -30% of the original reward. The prize is so attractive that many players try to shoot bullets to catch that fish. However, they forgot that those fish were very difficult to catch and had a very low hit rate. The stubborn firing for the period it only makes you spend bullets but if you can shoot, it is unlikely to have got back capital.

With this fish you should only shoot it when the following four convergence: cover two-thirds of the body when covered in rocks and moss; Slow swimming speed and little fish on screen.

The experience is nothing too difficult to implement, on the contrary, it is quite easy so you should apply them when playing fish shooting online game. Besides, we will suggest you what shooting techniques you should have, as follows:

Tips 8: Shoot the fish when they appear

Due to the way of editing machine, there are fish that will immediately die from the table. Therefore, you figure out and notice the fish just out of the table to shoot immediately. If you know how to calculate the probability of shooting the fish in this direction, getting the coin becomes easy, you just need to sit down and add more bullets at the corners of the table and wait for the fish to shoot and get coins.

Tips 9: Shoot with marbles

This method of action is to increase the number of bullets fired at a fish at the same time. That means you shoot a few bullets into the wall and the bullet will bounce back to the fish, while the bullet has not yet reached the fish, you shoot more bullets directly. At this time, 2 lines of bullets will shoot at the fish at the same time, the death rate will be very high. Although this way is a bit more bullets than other ways, but when fighting with others, this game proved to be quite effective.

Tips 10: Shoot big fish if you have enough bullets

This tactic is only for those who have a large reserve of money. When you have a large sum of money, you should not waste time to shoot small fish like they were at first, but instead aim for big fish like mermaids, sharks, etc. You should use bullets large, usually №7 bullets, to easily knock down large fish. Each big fish is knocked out, you will get 100–200 times more than the amount of money your bullets have shot.

Tips 11: Shoot bullets up

In the shortest way, you just shoot bullets up, shoot 9 fish each one bullet and then increase from 1 to 100. When shooting to the 100th bullets, you will lose 558 points but at this time, the fish will die at the same time and you will gain 1000 points. In short, no matter what number of bullets the fish dies in, you will still be profitable. If you are quick, you can increase the ammunition in many other ways and collect coins as much as possible.

Tips 12: Shoot the alone fish

With the alone swimming fish, you do not need to shoot big bullets to avoid wasting, you should use the small and medium bullets. In addition, if everyone shoots 3 to 5 bullets but the small fish are not dead and they are far away then stop shooting these fish to avoid unnecessary waste of coins.

Tips 13: Use mustache tactics

One of the mistakes that newbies often make is to be ambitious and aim at the big fish to get lots of coins and ignore the small fish. It’s really a game that can’t be won, if you’re new then don’t risk it. Because, if the big fish don’t die, you will lose some very big bullets and the other small fish will not be counted.

Instead, you should use of the small corner of the gun to shoot small fish.

How to play as follows: First, you should rotate the gun barrel constantly around the shooting table. Then, shoot each bullet, slowly and give each bullet a direction, each bullet stick 1, for the larger fish you shoot from 2–3 bullets.

In this way, instead of using 10 bullets to focus on killing big fish but the probability of success is low, with those 10 bullets you both shoot small fish and have the opportunity to shoot big fish injured by bullets from previous players.

Above is 13 small tips which gogbetsg offers you to help you quickly conquer the rounds in fish shooting online games and get the number of bonus points you want. Good luck!

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